terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2010

The Mosquito

The Mosquito

It was late, and I had to sleep 'cause next morning I had to go to class.

I turned off the light and closed my eyes. "Ahhh, a soft pillow..."

Then, I heard a noise... Something was buzzing. I turned on the light and saw a mosquito.

I grabbed the pillow to kill it and then he had disappeared...

Tried to listen and it was quiet. So went to bed, turned off the light and heard that shitty noise again. But this time, when I turned the light on, he wasn't there, that irritating sound stopped.

What the hell?

Turned the light off and he charged again, right next to my hear so I could now that he was there... It was like he was making fun of me.

I turned the light and he would disappear... Freakin' mosquito.

Wait... Can this be a super-power mosquito with mutant powers? It was the power of invisibility or to teleport... I turn the light and he disappears...

Need to kill him! It was cold, so the only part of my body outside of the blankets was my face. It was me or him! I must kill him. I can't have a huge mosquito bite in my face.

So I did a thing that I don't recommend to anyone... I went and get a bug spray. So I sprayed a little bit and went to sleep.

"Ahhh, finally, silence." But then... he really was making fun of me. "Bzzzzzzzzzzzz (Hahahaha that bug spray sucks, I'm still alive)"

Damn! I need to outsmart this mosquito. So I grabbed the lamp and waited... waited... I heard him and I turned the light! Ha! Finally I can see you. There you are on the top of my room.

Ok, at this point I was just looking at the mosquito, trying to put down the lamp without looking and trying to find something to kill him, so I grabbed something while trying not to lose the mosquito and it was my pillow.

I’m a tall guy, but the freakin' fled to the top of the ceiling, so I stepped onto my bed. Now I can reach you. So I jumped forward and smacked him with the pillow.

But, I forgot that I had a heater to get my room a little warm and I jumped without looking, so I landed on top of that plastic fan radiator that got smashed to pieces and my foot was stuck inside.

I cursed like hell and then I remembered... "The mosquito! Did I kill him?"

Gladly I saw him squashed in my pillow. "Hahahaha. I kill you! (freakish high pitch voice)"

Kicked the air heater away and went to bed... "Finally I can sleep at peace"

No... I couldn't... I heard him again, but this time it was like he was far far away... It was my mind playing tricks with me... I spent two hours trying to sleep, hearing that buzzing sound that my mind was creating by paranoia...

Damn mosquito!